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1603 - Rumors of an upcoming Chinese Uprising circulate in the Spanish colony, the Philippines, around a week before it is to take place; Spain  had begun colonization of the islands (populated by an Austronesian race when it sent explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to forge the first settlements in the Southeast Asian archipelago some 38  years earlier.

1887 - Filipino patriot, reformist and polymath Jose  Mercado Rizal sends his friend Austrian Ferdinand  Blumentritt a package that includes sulpakan, his  own invention of a lighter operating on the principle of compressed air, and writes about the death of  his sister Olimpia during a difficult childbirth; Rizal adds that Blumentritt's package also includes a gold coin, part of a recently unearthed clay jar of gold coins believed to have used by the ancient Tagalogs.

1898 - Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy of the fledgling Philippine Republic forms his Malolos cabinet 3 1/2 months  after declaring the Southeast Asian country Independent from colonial Spain, but a month after the Peace Protocol and the  Mock Battle of Manila wherein the emerging imperialist United States falsely made it appear  that their forces were the ones who subdued the  Spaniards and not the Filipino revolutionaries;  Aguinaldo's cabinet, with his government now avoiding the vile invader Americans, is based in Malolos, Bulacan and includes Felipe Buencamino as Secretary of Development;  Gregorio Araneta as Secretary of Justice; Jose E. Basa as justice director of the central government; Baldomero  Aguinaldo, Secretary of War; Antonio Luna,  Director; Artemio Ricarte, Vito Belarmino, Emiliano  Riego de Dios  as Generals of Division; and Tomas  Mascardo, Pantaleon Garcia, Mariano Llanera,  Mariano Noriel, Isidro Torres, Miguel Malvar, and  Paciano Rizal as Brigadier-Generals; in less than five months time, the leader of the  Bald Eagle nation who ridiculously claimed God instructed him to invade the "whole archipelago or none" will secretly order his military to instigate what will be the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914).

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