Sunday, August 1, 2010


President Manuel L. Quezon (1878-1944)
 1898 - The Act proclaiming Philippine  Independence is proclaimed in Bacoor, Cavite  during the first convention of town/municipal  presidents that included representatives from Tanguay, Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Morong,  Pampanga, Manila, Tarlac, Bulacan, Batangas,  Bataan, Infanta, Union, Pangasinan, Zambales,  Tayabas, and Mindoro; ironically, as the act declares that the Philippine Revolution against Spain is a rational and legitimate action of the Filipino people, who are valiantly defending their national pride and dignity, and asks all foreign governments to recognize the Filipino nation and its sovereignty, during the very same day, the troops of the imperialist United States earlier  freely allowed to enter the country (by a gullible  Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo) are organized into a division commanded by Gen. Thomas Anderson, later to take part in the undemocratic American invasion of the Philippines and commence the bloody Filipino-American War.

1944 - Manuel Luis Quezon, first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines under the colonial occupation of the  imperialist United States, dies from tuberculosis at Saranac Lake, New York during World War II while the Southeast Asian country was under Japanese Occupation.

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