Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Military flag of Spanish Empire from 16th to mid 18th century
1625 - Gov. Fernando de Silva, appointed successor to  Gov. Alonso Fajardo de Tenza in colonial Philippines,  notifies King Philip IV of Spain of his arrival in the  islands and reports the condition of affairs, including:  his recommendation for the restoration of the captive Ternatan king; his intent to very severely punish the  rebellion in Cagayan; abandonment of the attempt at  working the Igorrote gold mines; request for greater  authority to restrain the lawless religious who ignores  the civil authorities; and his hope to obtain the  needed ships to defend their Philippine possession  against the powerful Dutch fleet has actually already reached Ternate.

1898 - American Consul Oscar F. Williams cables U.S. Secretary of State William R. Day to report that he has tried to convince Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo that American rule over the Philippines will supposedly bring greater honor, progress, and profit to the natives compared to any scheme the Filipino leader and his advisers can ever devise, adding that he is on better terms with Aguinaldo than the American military commanders are.

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