Friday, August 13, 2010


Imperialist American soldiers enter Manila, August 13, 1898

1898 - The "Mock Battle of Manila" occurs between Spanish and American forces, a day after the signing of the Protocol of Peace, as part of the two powers' imperialistic, shoddy and detestably anti-democratic deal to transfer Spanish colonial possessions to the United States, thus depriving  thus depriving Filipinos of their rightful revolutionary victory against colonial Spain; President Emilio Aguinaldo of the still-in-revolution Philippine Republic, who was conned into cooperating with the Americans against Spain on mere verbal assurances that the US will honor Philippine Independence, earlier stupidly allowed the free entry of American soldiers in the Southeast Asian archipelago starting two months earlier in June, thus delaying what should have been the Filipino's victory in Intramuros, the colonial seat of Spanish power--this, despite the fact that Filipino revolutionaries had already encircled Manila.

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