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Colonial body Philippine Assembly, imperialist US Occupation 
1907 - As the bloody Philippine-American War  persists in certain parts of the Southeast Asian  archipelago, elections are held for the Philippine Assembly,  the colonial legislative body set up during the  imperialist United States Occupation, with Sergio S. Osmena's (pro-immediate independence) Nacionalista Party capturing  majority of the 80 seats representing 80 districts;  only  less than 1.5% of the Filipinos were able to  vote their representatives to the Assembly, which  was effectively the lower house to the appointive,  all-American Philippine Commission, because of the  severe qualification requirements (real estate ownership worth at least P500; able to read and  write; and could speak in Spanish or English)

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Anarchists office said...

Hi Jesusa,

I came across your blog doing some research on the Fil-Am War. I'm actually working to help promote a film that just finished being shot in the Philippines by an American director (John Sayles) and a Filipino cast and crew about tensions on the island of Luzon. I hope you don't mind, but I published your post on our Facebook fan page entitled "Amigo The Movie". Sadly, the Philippine-American War has been ignored or forgotten by both sides of the conflict, which is why Mr. Sayles set out to make this film. It is history that needs to be recaptured in the public imagination. Amigo deals with one of the most common but least-examined aspects of human experience -the story of the people caught in between.” I look forward to continuing to follow your blog!

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Hi Anarchists office. If you refer to my posts here at Today in History, feel free to do so in full, so long as you credit with the link. Also make sure that you wait at least 30 minutes after my posting because I tend to do further editing after I've read the post online. It's easier that way. I'll like that Facebook page later.

You might want to like Taga-Ilog News at Facebook. I post certain Phil-Am photos and references there.

Re the Philippine-American War, I think it is not a case of being forgotten but more of having been GLOSSED OVER and, thus, not really taught us Filipinos of later generations. Part of the continuing propaganda.