Sunday, July 25, 2010


Gen. Santiago Alvarez

1872 - Santiago Alvarez, who would become one of the most valiant generals of  the Philippine Revolution against Spain, is born in Imus, Cavite to Gen.  Mariano Alvarez and Nocilasa Virata; Alvarez will be dubbed the Hero of the  Battle of Dalahican when he engaged the Spanish troops under Gen. Ramon  Blanco in the bloody 36-hour battle, successfully repulsing the enemy  forces; however, during the United States invasion of the Philippines, Alvarez will become an American 'collaborator' of sorts, to be appointed by  William Howard Taft as presiding officer of the imperialist civil government body, the so-called Great Council of Peace Commision in 1902, three years into the protracted and very bloody Philippine-American War.

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