Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Felipe Agoncillo
1898 - Felipe Agoncillo, future Minister Plenipotentiary of the  fledgling Philippine Republic, writes Apolinario Mabini, key adviser  of President Emilio Aguinaldo, expressing his apprehensions over  the supposed "alliance" with the Americans in apparent reference  to Aguinaldo's (unofficial and gullible) arrangement with certain United States officials to cooperate in the war against Spain and in return, America is supposed to honor the independence of the  Filipino nation; as will later be revealed, Admiral George Dewey,  Consul-General in Singapore E. Spencer Pratt; Consul General in  Hong Kong Rounsevelle Wildman, and Gen. Thomas Anderson have  deceived Aguinaldo, what with the US later invading the  Philippines come February 1899; Mabini will later write in his  memoirs that  "Mr. Aguinaldo had accepted [the verbal promises]  because he ardently desired to return to the islands, fearful that other influential Filipinos should (rob him of glory and) reach an  understanding with the Americans in the name of the people."

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