Wednesday, July 14, 2010


U.S. Maj. Gen. Elwell Otis
"fighting, having begun, must go on to the grim end"

1898 - President Emilio Aguinaldo of the still-in-revolution Philippine Republic writes to gulliby ask United States Admiral George Dewey to forward  to Washington his June 18 and 23 decrees establishing a  revolutionary dictatorial government to continue the fight for  independence, further stating that "the  desires on this government are to remain always in friendship  with the great North American nation, to which we are under many obligations"; on this same day, the  4th United States Military  Expedition to the Philippines sails for Manila under Maj. Gen.  Elwell S. Otis, in what would later prove to be preparation for the imperialistic American invasion of the Philippines: Otis would oversee many of the American atrocities in the bloody Filipino-American War and would be quoted for saying "fighting, having begun, must go on to the grim end" in response to Aguinaldo's plea for an end to the war. 


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