Friday, July 9, 2010


US Forces, on a sinister plan to invade the Philippines, disembark
 1898 - Gen. Thomas M. Anderson communicates from the Philippines  to the United  States Adjutant-General in Washington, D.C. that he foresees a  possible conflict with Filipino forces during the Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Spanish-American War--this as  only three days earlier, Philippine President Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo  had informed Anderson that he has already ordered his soldiers "not to  interfere" with the American forces who have been entering the country following American officers' deceptive assurances that the US  is in sympathy with the Filipinos; in five months' time, the Treaty  of Paris will be signed, with Spain supposedly 'ceding' the  Philippines to the US and on February 4, 1899, the bloody  Philippine-American War will ensue.

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