Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 MAY

1898 - Twelve noon of this date is calendared  as the day for a general uprising by Filipino revolutionary leader Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy  during the so-called second phase of the Philippine Revolution against Spain; Aguinaldo, who had a year earlier wrested revolutionary leadership from  President Andres Bonifacio y de Castro (Supremo of the underground-society-turned-revolutionary-government Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga  Anak nang Bayan),  forged an alliance with the Americans, stupidly believing American Commodore George Dewey's deceptive assurances that United States is an ally against Spain;  upon Dewey's advice, Aguinaldo will later allow US  troops to freely enter Philippine territory and before long, the Americans will reveal their sinister imperialistic design and invade the Philippines, with the enemy generals instigating the Philippine-American War (1899-1914) on February 4, 1899 under the vile pre-arranged plan of Bald Eagle President William McKinley to precipitate a war in the bid to trick the U.S. Senate to approve the Treaty of Paris and thus secure approval and funding for military operations to annex [read:invade] the Philippines as part of the imperialist policy for America's overseas expansion.

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