Thursday, May 24, 2012

24 MAY

1943 - The Director-General of the Japanese Military Administration of the Philippines during World War II congratulates the graduating class of the Institute  for Former [Filipino] USAFFE, or United States Army Forces in the Far East; the Director-General urges the graduates of a cultural training and spiritual reorientation course to play active roles in reconstructing and regenerating their native country, the Philippines, and further asks them to strive for the benefit and welfare of their countrymen; the Asian power invaded a host of Oriental lands during the War, driven in part by its Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, an anti-Western master plan/vision of Japanese hegemonic leadership over a modernizing and united Asia that is rid of Western imperialism;   Japan earlier invaded the Philippines, which has been a colony of the imperialist Unites States for some four (4) decades, during their so-called December 1941-May 1942 Philippine Campaign, with the  numerically superior defenders able to hold out for months but still succumbing to the Japanese might during the Pacific theatre of the Second World War.

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