Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 August

1599 - King Philip III writes Francisco de Tello de Guzman, colonial Spanish governor of the Philippine Islands, informing the latter of his order for Nueva Espana to send able settlers to the Southeast Asian colony; the communication, which came about a year after the monarch gained the title of Rey Felipe III, is  contained in two letters of the same date that commends Tello for the restoration of peace [translation: successful subjugation of the rebelling natives] in Mindanao and Pampanga and, as well, asks for advice as to whether he, the king, should increase duties on Chinese goods; Spain, has "discovered" [read: first learned about] the nearby and future colony the Philippine archipelago (Islas de San Lazaro),  some seven decades earlier during its several attempts times to gain control of Moluccas, the so-called “Spice Islands” (future Indonesia] beginning with the Magellan expedition of 1521.

Photo credit: http://thepeerage.com/p10278.htm

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