Tuesday, April 3, 2012


1896 - The Magdalo branch of the Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan (KKK), the secret Philippine revolutionary aimed at liberating the country from the yoke of Spanish colonial bondage, is established during a meeting by the KKK Supreme Council; in the same meeting, Katipunan Supreme President Andres Bonifacio y de Castro also explains the duties and responsibilities of the newly elected officers, including his future nemesis Emilio F. Aguinaldo who takes the position of Magdalo branch president; the jurisdiction of the Magdalo chapter will cover Cavite el Viejo ( future Kawit ), Bacoor, Carmona , Dasmarinas, Imus and Silang, and later the towns of Amadeo and Mendez that will transfer from Magdiwang, the other KKK chapter with the bigger jurisdiction (covering the province's capital, Cavite, San Roque, La Caridad, Noveleta, San Francisco de Malabon (future Tanza), Naik, Maragondon, Ternate, Magallanes, Bailen, Indang, Alfonso, Amadeo and Mendez, and later, the three Batangas towns of Nasugbu, Looc and Tuy); the Magdalo faction will in less than a year's time prove to be a curse to Supremo Bonifacio because his attempt to unite this KKK chapter with its future rival faction, the Magdiwang, will lead to a virtual coup of the former against Bonifacio during the infamous, fraudulent or  anomalous Tejeros Convention, with Aguinaldo's camp grabbing power, ordering that the Supremo be seized dead or alive, and subjecting him to kangaroo court martial (with his lawyer Placido Martinez condemning instead of defending him) and subsequent assassination-cum-execution.

Photo credit: http://www.filipiniana.net/featurearticle/12965241194965

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