Friday, April 27, 2012


Graciano Lopez Jaena
Photo art: JB

1883 - Graciano Lopez Jaena, member of the so-called triumvirate of Filipino propagandists aiming for reforms during the Spanish colonial rule, declares his desire for all territories under Spain to be given equal treatment, attention and consideration under the law; Jaena expresses this call during his well-applauded speech delivered in Madrid, Spain and attended by the press and personages from the other Spanish colonies Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico; Jaena, along with Jose M. Rizal and Marcelo H. del Pilar, Jaena were the leaders of the Propaganda Movement aiming to awaken Spain as to the needs of the people of its Southeast Asian colony and to effect a closer and more equal association between the two lands; Lopez-Jaena's historic speech goes in part:

Next I must tell you that my earnest desire is for our dear Spain to give all her overseas possessions equal treatment, attention, and consideration, instead of leaving some in pitiful neglect, the very ones which might be of greater usefulness to her and which had always been obedient to her. All of them contribute to her welfare and grandeur, which are our own good and aggrandizement; all of them should be esteemed and heeded; all should be respected and taken into account; all of them should be loved by their common Mother. (Enthusiastic applause.)

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