Wednesday, April 18, 2012


1947 - The Treaty of Amity between the Philippines and China (pre-communism) is signed at Manila by Vice-President Elpidio Quirino and concurrent Foreign Affairs Secretary and Minister Plenipotentiary Chen Chih-Ping in the bid to maintain and strengthen the good relations between them; the treaty renounces the use of force in settling disputes and referring them instead to the International Court of Justice; the Treaty is interpreted to exclude alien registration and immigration and other fees from its scope; also notable is how the Treaty is interpreted by Quirino to define the term "nationals" under Article IX as including American corporations and associations--this, when the Philippines has supposedly been 'granted' independence by the imperialist United States more than ten months earlier on July 4, 1946; the Philippines was invaded by the Bald Eagle nation. via the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914) essentially for its "mountains of coal" and others and its strategic market in the Pacific; despite the 1946 granting of "independence," the Southeast Asian country has continued to be under American neo-colonial domination owing to the US-RP Treaty of General Relations and the Parity Amendment that has allowed U.S. access to 22 military, naval, and air bases in the Philippines and gives Americans the oppressive right to exploit Philippine resources; specifically, the non-discrimination principle stated in the Amity treaty between the two Asian countries excludes:
...treatment, benefits or advantages that are now or may hereafter be granted by the Republic of the Philippines to the United States of America or to its citizens, corporations or associations.

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