Friday, April 20, 2012

20 April

1572 - "Relation of the Conquest of the Island of Luzon," which narrates the Spanish conquest of Luzon island in the Philippine Islands, is published in Manila; authored anonymously, it describes how the colonizing Spanish forces captured Manila from the Moros, discussing the campaigns that led to the subjugation of the Southeast Asian island -- from the experiences of the Spaniards in Panay to Luzon's eventual exploration and pacification [read:colonial subjugation]; the book disputes many 'fables' about the Philippine Moros, including the supposed presence of Moors similar to those of Barberia and how the this island's Muslims are supposed to fight like the Turks; writing from a pathetic condescending perspective of superior religious complex, the author refers to how the natives call their "chief idol" as "Batala" or "Diobata" and describes healing rites participated by aged women priestesses as a feast where everyone "eat and drink to the point of losing their senses"; the book also insists that only a few Muslims practice abstinence from pork, claiming that the practice was limited to "villages nearest the sea" and was done by the people not because they understand the "nefarious doctrine of Mahoma" because they supposedly "do not know the commandment or anything" about the Muslim prophet.

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