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US Forces, on a sinister plan to invade the Philippines, disembark

1898 - Imperialist United States Gen. Thomas M. Anderson communicates from the Philippines to the  Adjutant-General in Washington, D.C. that he foresees a  possible conflict with Filipino forces, some three months after the Americans forged an 'alliance' with the Filipinos during (the second phase of) the Philippine 'Himagsikan' against Spain; the communication of Anderson, designated commander of the US land forces in the Southeast Asian archipelago during the rather concurrent Spanish-American War, comes only three days after he had been informed by Philippine President Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy that the latter has acceded to Anderson's  request, ordering  his soldiers "not to  interfere" with the American forces who have been entering the country supposedly as part of the US efforts against Spain; Commodore George Dewey had earlier met with Aguinaldo to strike an alliance, deceptively assuring the then-revolutionary leader that America  intends to honor Philippine independence as Anderson later professed his nation's sympathy with Filipinos;  by August, the US and Spain will vilely stage the infamous Mock Battle of Manila that falsely showed to the world that  the Americans instead of the Filipinos defeated the Spaniards in the Philippines; in five months' time, the Treaty of Paris will be signed, with the virtually ousted-by-Filipinos Spain ridiculously 'ceding' the Philippines to the Bald Eagle nation for $20,000,000 US, and on February 4, 1899, American generals will deliberately instigate the bloody and protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914) in the nefarious bid of the US President William McKinley to make their Congress approve the Treaty of Paris and the annexation [translation: invasion] of the fledgling Southeast Asian nation.

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