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Gen. Ananias Diokno y Noblejas
1901 - Filipino soldiers fighters led by General Ananias Diokno y Noblejas are ambushed while trying to fight off the invading imperialist American  forces in the island of Panay, two years into the protracted and bloody  Philippine-American War (1899-1914); under the general command of Gen. Martin Delgado y Bermejo, the Panay forces have been  initially operating independently of the Philippine Republic of Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo during the Revolution against Spain although Aguinaldo would later send Tagalog forces under the command of Gen. Diokno and Gen. Leandro Fullon y Locson months before the onset of the Fil-Am War; said to have been sent to unify the Visayan revolutionaries and help defeat the Spaniards, Gen. Diokno had organized  the command of Batallion Maluya and presented successful battles against the Spaniards and, together with the forces of Delgado and Fullon Gen. Diokno, presented strong resistance against the vile invading Americans for a time; Gen. Diokno, who has been compelled to conduct a guerrilla war with a few men left in his control following the February 2 surrender of Gen. Delgado to enemy Bald Eagle Gen. Robert P. Hughes, will be wounded and captured but later will patriotically refuse the American co-optation offer to occupy the directorship of the Bureau of Agriculture.

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