Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Imperialist U.S. gunboat Laguna de Bay

1899 - Some 200 Filipino freedom fighters are killed by imperialist American forces led by Bald Eagle Brig. Gen. Loyd Wheaton during the Battle of Guadalupe Church one year and one month into the bloody and protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914); the battle taken part in by the enemy United States forces that include the 51st Iowa Infantry, 2nd Oregon Volunteer Infantry Regiment led by Col. Owen Summers, and  Washington volunteers in the Pedro Macati area (later  to be known as Makati City) would also see the terrible destruction of the convent, with official US report only listing 3 Americans killed and 26 wounded; the  U.S. gunboat Laguna de Bay--purchased from a Spanish firm and armored by Utah Volunteer Light Artillery Capt. Frank A. Grant-- takes part in the invasion operations, bombarding the convent with eight guns mounted upon her; the Filipino freedom fighters are strongly entrenched near the Pasig river at the Guadalupe Church, such that the invading Americans plan to hold the left of their long line of invading troops "facing this district stationary until the right swung around on the flank of this position" at which moment the pivot should charge with the Laguna de Bay as support. 

Photo credit: http://philippineamericanwar.webs.com/manilatolagunadebay.htm

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