Friday, April 22, 2011


1529 - Spanish and Portuguese monarchs Cárlos I and João III sign the Treaty of Zaragoza that relinquishes Moluccas to Portugal as Spain retains the Philippine islands; the treaty basically continues the meridian of Tordesillas in the opposite hemisphere to settle their claims over Moluccas (future Indonesia), as the Philippines, where Spanish colonization already began, is made to stand on the Spanish side; in fact, both Moluccas and the Philippines belong to the Portuguese sphere based on the Treaty of Tordesillas, an agreement forged after Pope Alexander VI drew an imaginary demarcation line from north to south, 100 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands, where anything west of the line was Spain's and anything east, Portugal's; the Treaty of Zaragosa, which stipulates Spain's cession of its rights over Moluccas in exchange for the payment of 350,000 gold ducats, is forged in the context of the the uncertainly of the size of Earth and Spanish breech of the Treaty of Tordesillas: with regards the Philippine Islands (originally named by Magellan as St. Lazarus.

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