Monday, May 3, 2010


1897 - The treacherous assault leading to the capture in Cavite of Gat Andres Bonifacio, leader of the Philippine revolution against Spain, is relayed in a letter to Emilio Jacinto, chief of Katipunan operations in Manila; the first-hand account  that comes from Col. Antonino M. Guevara sheds light on the treachery surrounding the power grab by Capt. Emilio Aguinaldo and his Magdalo partisans and the capture and subsequent execution of Bonifacio.

1971 - Anti-war protesters calling themselves the Mayday Tribe begin four days of demonstrations in Washington D.C., United States; around 7,000 demonstrators who engaged in harassment in the attempt to shut down the capital would be arrested following running skirmishes with metropolitan police and Federal troops.

1986 - A bomb believed planted by Tamil Tiger militants explodes on an Air Lanka passenger jet at Colombo's airport, killing 21 peple and injuring 41 others; a search of the aircraft will point the blame on the LTTE, the fiercest of the Tamil guerrilla groups, and it will be thought that the bomb was designed to stall the India-brokered talks between the rebels and the Sri Lankan government.

- The new parliament of the Soviet republic of Latvia meets to discuss becoming independent from Moscow, with leaders of the Latvian Popular Front expressing confidence of gaining the majority needed to pull off a change in the constitution; the next  day, the Latvian parliament will declare the "de jure" independence of the Republic of Latvia, although Moscow will later issue a decree annulling said declaration.

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