Thursday, April 29, 2010


1897 - Procopio Bonifacio,  brother of Philippine revolutionary leader Andres Bonifacio during the Revolution against Spain, testifies that  the soldiers of Emilio Aguinaldo's camp struck his nose with the butt-end of a gun, an act he says surprised him since he did not offer resistance during the abduction of the Bonifacio brothers and other Katipuneros in Limbon in Cavite; the testimony is part of the court martial conducted by Aguinaldo's men against Gat Andres Bonifacio who had earlier declared illegal the anomalous Tejeros Convention that elected Aguinaldo the new leader of the revolutionary government.

1901 - Hirohito, future emperor of Japan who will ascend to the throne on December 26, 1926, is born; Emperor Hirohito will be Asian nation's longest-serving monarch whose reign will cover Japan's militaristic endeavors before and during World War II, including the conquest of much of Asia, and waging war on the Allied Powers in alliance with Germany and other Axis Powers.

1978 - Afghanistan's new communist rulers announce that nearly all of the leaders of the ousted regime are dead, two days after they killed former President Mohammed Daoud and his brother for refusing to pledge allegiance to the new left-wing government; in September, the Soviet Union will intervene to prop up the fledgling Marxist government and, as well, later figure in the long and devastating war with the mujahideen until the late 1980s.

1992 - Deadly race rioting erupts in Los Angeles over the acquittal of four police officers involved in the videotaped beating of unarmed black motorist Rodney King; some 54 people will die as an estimated $1 billion worth of properties will be damaged in the rioting over the repeated playing of the videotape that has supposedly come to symbolize complaints about police brutality, racism and street violence.

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