Thursday, February 9, 2012


1926 - Teodoro M. Kalaw, nationalist Filipino scholar, legislator, and historian, composes his report on the Philippine Independence campaign in the United States during the American colonial rule; Kalaw will present the report to the Commission on Independence, a body created by the colonial Philippine Legislature in November 1918 aimed at working for "independence, for its external guarantees, and for the internal organization" in the U.S.; the report of Kalaw who was part of the staff of Senator Sergio OsmeƱa selected to be the country’s special envoy to the US, came 27 years after the Bald Eagle nation invaded and triggered the bloody and protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914) following the imperialist American President William McKinley's declaration of "Benevolent Assimilation" [translation: invasion] policy towards the Philippines; earlier in 1904, Kalaw wrote in the nationalist newspsper El Renacimiento about his paper's campaign against the abuses of the Constabulary, corruption, banditry, illiteracy, and "the slow disappearance of the 'Filipino Soul' under the seductive wiles of Anglo-Saxonism." 

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