Wednesday, March 23, 2011


1901 - Philippine President-on-the-run Emilio Aguinaldo is deceptively captured by imperialist American soldiers led by Frederick Funstons posing as prisoners of the traitorous local Macabebe scouts in Palanan, Isabela nearly 2 years & 3 months into the Philippine-American War (1899-1914); drawn up by Funston, the manner of Aguinaldo's capture, which would be condemned by the anti-Imperialists in America,  is marked by the forgery of the letter of  Gen. Urbano Lacuna after Filipino surrenderee and turncoat Cecilio Segismundo turned over crucial dispatches indicating Aguinaldo's whereabouts  and by the subsequent disguising of traitorous former  freedom fighter leaders and 78 Macabebes, members of the "Philippine scouts" [read: imperialist anti-Philippine Republic mercenaries] as Filipino replacement soldiers; instead of resisting or fighting to death the Bald Eagle forces as a way of sustaining the morale of his soldiers still valiantly fighting the new colonizing forces during the Philippine-American, Aguinaldo will become a cooperative US Prisoner of War and will swear allegiance to the enemy flag within only a few days from capture, even issuing on that same day a widely circulated proclamation wherein he calls upon his soldiers to accept imperialist-imposed peace and unite "around the glorious and sovereign banner of the United States"; in a few years, almost  all generals of Aguinaldo's republic would capitulate although the Fil-Am War will be continued until about 1914 by other freedom-fighting soldiers and Katipuneros/veterans of the 1896 Revolution; Aguinaldo will capitulate fully and will receive 300 hectares of choice friar lands that adjoin his Imus, Cavite home town.

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