Sunday, February 20, 2011


Enemy imperialist American forces in Iloilo
1899 - The town of Manduriao, Iloilo, in the Philippines falls to the colonizing American forces despite the valiant resistance of Ilongo Bermejo soldiers under General Martin Delgado y Bermejo; following the occupation of Iloilo by the imperialist forces, Delgado as politico-military governor of the province and army's general-in-chief will engage in efforts aimed at harassing the invaders with the support of combatants and non-combatants alike; the enemy Bald Eagle soldiers are said to have met heavy resistance in the province, with Delgado choosing to gallantly fight rather than surrender--as demanded by the pale-skinned invaders--to the marauding United States mercenaries;  the enemy also takes Jaro and, a few days earlier, Iloilo City, Sta. Barbaro and Oton.

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